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Industrial Metal Cleaning and Thermal Cleaning

Many finishers face the common problem of keeping paint racks, fixtures, hooks, and reject parts clean. They need to make sure all of their maintenance is perfect, keeping racks and hooks maintained. While constantly dealing with overspray contamination and ground safety, it’s important to make sure that the paint is properly burned off with industrial metal cleaning. We can strip paint away from fixtures in a wide selection of methods, but one of the most effective ways is to use a Thermal Fluidized Bed. Commonly know as the Dinamec, this gives us the ability to clean multiple parts at once while minimizing hazardous waste and pollution.

Prevent Waste Buildup while Preserving Your Metal

Over time, your materials and production parts start to accumulate a buildup of waste. This buildup inhibits you from performing at your peak output. We have over 30 years of experience cleaning and removing scale, rust, and other waste buildup and can help your company with yours. There are many different types of cleaning we use, depending on your materials and how to preserve them. We use media blasting, stripping, scale removal, and more to clean and have your industry parts looking and operating as perfectly as when they rolled off the production line.

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Professionals with 30 Years of Experience

Whether we’re cleaning your aluminum, steel, copper, or stainless steel, we take everything into consideration. Different cleaners and applications work on different metals. We aim to strip your parts of buildup without damaging the metal, allowing you to reuse and recycle your machined parts for years to come, saving you money. We also take into account the shape and size of the parts, what type of cleaning equipment to use, and what we’re removing. For example, if we need to safely dispose of the removed waste, we’ll go through the proper channels. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with our industrial metal cleaning services.

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