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Specialized Media Blasting Services

Before coating your materials, it’s important to clean them meticulously, so they are free of oils, rust, paint, debris, and corrosion. Improperly prepared or unclean surfaces decrease the ability to coat them in new properties, leading to an uneven coating or lack of adherence. To avoid blemishes and a sloppy coating job, have Eco-Clean Inc. provide their professional, in-house media blasting services. We blast sand at a high velocity towards your materials to remove unwanted finishes and coatings. This then exposes your object’s bare metal while protecting its integrity, getting it ready for a new coat or finish. The process is perfect for hard-to-reach areas or complicated shapes.

Media blasting services in Atlanta, GA

Why Media Blast Objects?

By using media blasting, we create an entirely blank canvas to cover your object, evenly coating it without leaving lines. It also reaches deep into crevices and other hard-to-reach angles otherwise impossible by traditional sanding methods. There are many different textures and types of sand we can use to find the right abrasive method for your material while preserving its integrity. Our team of experts will take care of this, perfectly preparing your object for its next phase.

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