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Eco-Clean Inc.

Serving the Atlanta, GA Area & All of the Southeast

Over 30 years ago, our owner an engineer who holds numerous metals refining patents–brought to the US a new technology for metal stripping and cleaning known as “Thermal Fluidized Bed Cleaning.” This revolutionary coatings removal technique developed in Belgium became the foundation for the businesses of Eco-Clean, Inc. as we exist today.

Young Smiling Female Technician

Offers Metal Stripping and Cleaning Processes

Eco-Clean offers a full range of metal stripping and cleaning processes to fit all needs and circumstances for our customers. What began as one building on a half-acre of land over 30 years ago now encompasses a 4-building and 5-acre complex. Our metal cleaning and stripping operation can run three shifts per day and oftentimes seven days a week for custom jobs. This stripping service for manufacturers and commercial and industrial coaters specializes in removing polyester and epoxy powder, E-coat, and urethanes from aluminum, steel, and various other metals. We also remove plastics from:

  • Tooling
  • Dies
  • Static Mixers
  • Screws
  • Other Parts

Eco-Clean: Focusing on Customer Relationships

Our business is only as strong as our customer relationships. It all starts with a comprehensive and reliable cost estimate. We listen to what the customer is telling us, and we ask questions. If we cannot deliver to the price estimate and on time, we will decline the business. The best advertising is word of mouth. When we deliver to our customers then they will deliver to us.

Reasons to Work With Us Include

  • Our industrial paint removal and stripping facility provides quality metal cleaning and preparation for hooks, fixtures, and reject parts.
  • Our thermal fluidized bed is an efficient method of removing paint, plastic, and other coatings without the damage caused by burn-off ovens.
  • Our powder coat facility has one of the area’s largest state-of-the-art batch ovens.

For more information about Eco-Clean, Inc. and how we can help you, contact us at 770-948-2287!

Looking for Comprehensive, Reliable Cost Estimate?