Industrial Paint Burn-Off Services

A common problem many finishers face is keeping fixtures, paint racks, hooks and reject parts clean. Finishers should be concerned about maintaining clean racks and hooks for a couple of reasons… overspray contamination, good grounding and safety.

There are a variety of ways to strip paint from line hooks, rack fixtures and reject parts… the Thermal Fluidized Bed, commonly known as the Dinamec, gives Eco-Clean the ability to clean many parts at once, with little hazardous waste and/or pollution.

We also have the capability of stripping reject parts that are considered Class A finish.

Eco-Clean is located just outside of Atlanta in Austell, GA. We work with businesses throughout the state of Georgia, give us a call today and tell us about how we can help with your Burn-Off needs:


Why Hire Us?

  • We develop strong customer relationships
  • We offer a full range of metal stripping and cleaning processes to meet your needs
  • We have nearly 30 years of experience
  • We provide reliable cost estimates
  • We use the best technology and equipment